horse training testimonials

Gene Smith 
I had the pleasure of meeting Joe in February 2016 when I was looking for someone to help me with my 2 year old colt who was becoming “too big for his britches”.
From the moment that I observed Joe working with my colt, I knew I had found the perfect match. It was important to me that I work with a trainer who would have a gentle approach and a true understanding for how to treat a horse.
Through my initial observation, I immediately noticed that his goal was to create a consistent foundation of trust and respect. It has been a true pleasure watching Joe work on different levels to accomplish our goals.
Each time I observe, I notice the true love Joe has for horses and his amazing horsemanship. He has been so patient and gentle, he trains by thinking like a horse which has turned my colt into a horse.
I also appreciate that Joe has worked with me by showing me how to continue the training sessions and the importance of each lesson. He is very informative and accommodating by discussing our goals and modifying as needed.
I would recommend Joe to anyone who has any level of training needs. Joe has the ability, experience and knowledge to help a horse become a better horse and to help a horse owner become a better horse owner.
I feel blessed as I know I have found the perfect trainer that I can trust and call on at any time. My sincere appreciation and thanks to Joe.
M Smith, Louisiana


Barbara Hoffman
Joe’s easy manner & natural grace belie a fierce intelligence and determination. Consider yourself fortunate indeed if you catch this rising star on his way up.
Joe knows horses!
Jessica Liebeskind
Compliments to Joe for taking the time to personally call me after my seeing his extraordinary Ad on Equine Now.
Joe is a wonderful educator and true horseman. Upon speaking to Joe, I felt a sense of calmness and confirmation of my concerns about my young horse.
 I am amazed with Joe’s expertise with each question I asked. Joe took the time to address each situation that was ailing me.
I will turn to Joe for his insight and true demeanor. Joe’s dedication for our equine friends is undeniable.
If I lived closer I would send my horse to him hands down, and set a rewarding program for my horse… Let’s see what the future holds as I would even consider flying him to Florida to meet my young gelding; as Joe is a true Natural Horsemanship expert beyond repair.
 My truest greatest compliment for Joe and his undeniable dedication towards the equine and human connection.
Thank you Joe!!!!
 J.L. Florida

Tami St. Germain
 Joe is inspired with horses! 
 In this area of Louisiana, it is difficult to find a horseman who takes the time to understand the horse first.
Joe has the patience, knowledge, and skill to assist both human, and horse, understand the elements of communication essential to creating, not just a working relationship, but a foundation built on trust, that will advance any rider through their plans to become the best they can be with their horse.
Joe blends traditional vaquero style with “natural horsemanship” methods to build a solid foundation for a lifetime of success with horses.
Joe is also gifted in the skill of sharing this information with his students.
Anyone seeking to learn the nature of the horse and how to develop a lifelong bond and working relationship would benefit from time spent under Joe’s tutelage!
Excellent horseman, wonderful teacher!

November, 26 10:08pm

Mandy Lynn 
Joe’s horsemanship isn’t like any other; If you want results to better your horse the right way, he is definitely the guy for the job.
I am lucky enough to be around him to watch him take a colt from not being touchable, to riding around in an open pasture with no problems.
It is truly amazing how he works horses. He gives each one of them exactly what they need to be successful in a very peaceful way. There is no doubt that Joe can help any horse or person with any problem.
I have been working with Joe for a year and a half off and on, and I wouldn’t trust my horse with anyone else. He’s helped me take my 12 year old quarter horse gelding from being in a pasture for 10 years with no proper training, to a bomb proof horse who does anything I ask with softness.
If you are on the fence about trainers, no doubt you will not be disappointed in the slightest if you choose Joe. He has many pleased clients including myself.
Many thanks Joe!!
 I’ve been beyond pleased with my experience with Joe and the program he is running. After day one of my horse being in training I saw improvement I didn’t know was possible in such short amount of time.
The progress that has been made with my horse has been exponential. He not only helps the horse improve but also me as a rider he helped and continues to help with my horsemanship.
I always knew what was going on, and how my horse was being taken care of, and that made my experience all the better; to be apart of it all.
I’m excited to see continual progress, and the finished progress down the road. I look forward to continuing to working with Joe and learning more.
I am forever grateful to him an all the hard work he has done and will do. Thank you so much!!!
Oct 27, 2016 3:26pm
  Randi Collier  
Joe is amazing….not only knowledgeable , but truly gifted with horses, and enjoys what he does, which so important to both animal and people.
Professional and personable, he takes the time to explain what he’s doing and why in a manner anyone can understand . I couldn’t be happier with how he’s brought along my colt. If you want quality , you’ve found it.
Thank you Joe!
Dawn Vannoy
 After an exhaustive search for a trainer for my daughter, we found Joe.
My daughter lost her confidence after a fall, and no longer would even trot without freaking out, but still loved to ride, and didn’t want to quit.  
After her first lesson she was trotting without stirrups OR holding on. My jaw hit the floor. Joe has taught her things I would have never dreamed she would learn. Not just how to ride, but horsemanship which I would like to believe everyone knows makes a better rider.
He has an amazing hand with the horses, and does not hit them. He helped me train my own and already I can see a big difference after one lesson. He will definitely visit my place again for a tune up; not for my horse but for me lol.
 Yes, it’s awesome for me to send my horse to be trained, but for me to know how to fix the issues with my horse when it crops up is always the best way to keep my horse in the right state of mind without always hiring a trainer for every single issue.
Joe is affordable and it’s VERY obvious he loves what he does.
He’s very very good with children, I could go on and on, but try him yourself, and I’m positive you will be just as pleased as I am.
Thanks Joe!
Patricia Hutchinson
I moved my horses in August 2017 to Joe as their trainer, and my instructor. 
His passion for what he does is contagious. Joe not only changed my horses behavior he changed my outlook on life and as a rider. 
He shares his knowledge and is always a pleasure to work with.
Stacy Charles
Joe is absolutely amazing. He can work with the most advanced, and the most remedial horsemen.
We are not “horse” people by any means. My daughter just has an incurable passion for animals and especially horses, and it’s like therapy for her to be around them and continue to learn about them. When we found out he teaches the same philosophy as Buck Brannaman, we were quite pleased.
My daughter is a very shy, sweet, gentle spirited person and Joe is beyond great with her and the horses. She is very comfortable around him. He is patient with her and the horses, and has taught her so much.
Our goal for her lessons are simply for her to have that exposure, and time with the horses, and nature as we can afford it, and she just wants to ride and be with them; Joe is very understanding of that.
We have tried quite a few stables, but this is where we will remain. I would highly recommend him. He is among the best.


“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change. Learning is more than just absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding”