About Our Horse Training Program

L.EA.D Horse Training Program


 cropped-cropped-399.jpg Horse Training Program
Lafayette Equine Acquirement and Development LLC specializes in the training and development of horses of all ages and breeds, including Thoroughbred racing horses, using an effective horse training program.

Horse Trainng Program

We believe that a horse training program should encompass  patience and a full understanding of the horse. These fundamental principles are essential for a well-rounded horse training program. Our objective is to make training and riding your horse stress-free and fun while achieving your performance goals.

Horse Training Program

We service all types of horse owners, from Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse breeders, owners, and trainers, to private owners of all breeds.
Horse Training Program
Using Natural Horsemanship techniques within our horse training program, we believe in building the horse from the inside out. By developing emotional and mental collection, we are able to achieve the physical collection of the horse; no matter what discipline you have intended for your horse.

training a horse in the round pen

From the young Thoroughbred heading to the world of racing to the young Quarter horse that will be depended upon to sort, rope, and work cattle, we can  help develop your horse into the athlete that can focus on the job at hand!
Horse Training Program
Our horse training philosophy is to establish a solid foundation based on the primary fundamentals of communication between horse and rider. We analyze the needs of each individual horse, then begin to build a solid foundation.
Horse Training Program
For those of you lacking the knowledge, time, or confidence, we offer our horse training services that specialize in starting colts and working with problem horses, but will help you with whatever situation you may have with your horse.
 cropped-055-1.jpg Horse Training Program
Training your horse is only half of our services. You need to learn what we have taught your horse in order to be successful with him when you get home. Therefore, at the conclusion of your horse’s training, we invite you to attend – free of charge – a private clinic.


“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change. Learning is  more than just absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding”